Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

"Sweet Deal" Smitty
Sales Manager

Everyone knows Smitty! He has been an Industry Leader selling more bikes than anyone in San Diego for over 25 years! He grew up in San Diego and has always been involved in the powersports industry. Started racing in the very difficult BAJA Races at a very young age and has some nice trophies in his office to prove it.

619-534-4935 Ext # 12

Carlos "I Can Fix Anything" Sanchez

Carlos has been with us since the beginning and we call him the technician's technician. Carlos has a level of experience few have reached in this industry - factory training Marine and Motorcycle repair (5 Star certified), He has worked as a Service Technician for over 15 years. Expert in Machining / Welding / Marine and Race engine building, Carlos has worked with Top Teams around the Country. We have yet to find a Machine he Can't Fix!!


Stan "The Man" Loera - Buxton
Lot Tech/Driver

Stan has been with us since 2014, he started as our lot tech building the brand-new units that came in crates and has grown to be one of our techs in our service department. He has always shown us improvement and growth. He likes to spend his spare time showing off his show car at car meets.


Lot Attendant/Delivery Driver

Eric joined our team in the summer of 2017, he is our lot attendant and delivery driver. He is also our resident DJ for events here at JP Motorsports & Marine! If you see the JP truck on the road, you will now know who it is.